FlowPro Docs

Common terms

Common terms to understand the blocks documentation
Understanding these common terms with make the documentation more easier to read.


A string is a word

Comma Delimited String

A String separated by commas
// Example of Comma Delimited String
hello, world, we , are, going
The above example shows two variables hello and going and some strings all separated by commas. If an variable was created and assigned to the world it will be replaced with the value of the variable.


A word with a prefixed dollar sign.

Current Output

Use coutput any where that accesses variables to have access to the current output
Every block is expected to return the current output. The current output starts as an empty string or a null value and is changed with every interaction with a block.
Some blocks just pass on the current output and so don't modify the current output.
Other blocks modified the current output and change it all together.
It is important to understand how the block operates so you can get the correct output.

String Template

This is a string that contains words and variables. The string is passed and any variable is overwritten with the actual variable value.
// In the below example me and value are variables
test {me} for the {value} and something else

Parent and Child Blocks

Child blocks are attached to a parent. Every block may have one child and is a parent except the first block. The first block is also know as the root node.

Query String

A query string contains a key and value separated by and equal sign. You can join multiple parameters together using the and (&) symbol.
// In the below hello and goodbye are keys world is there values