FlowPro Docs

Creating your first script

Steps to create your flowpro script
To get started hit the File Menu and choose New FlowPro option give your script a name and get started adding blocks. Its that simple.

Building with Blocks

Start with a start block. This is important incase you need to rearrange your script. The parent block cannot be changed without clearing your canvas. A start block is a place holder that allows you to make changes at will anytime in the future.
You can switch between the Directory listing and the Blocks with a click of a button using the Project or Blocks menu. There is also a Recent menu that lists the most recent flowpro files.
Clicking the show all button shows a list of blocks to pick from. You can also search for a block that you want to find.

Dragging Blocks

You can drags blocks from the blocks menu to to your canvas. FlowPro runs procedurally so your final script must be stacked. However while building you can have various different columns and you can arrange your script accordingly.
Dragging Blocks
This is all possible thanks to the flowy JavaScript plugin. Check it out here


Most blocks have properties. Click on a property will allow you to change how the block functions. In some cases you would need to provided important information for the block to function. An good example is a database block where the connection string contains the connection information to access the database.
Working with properties

Saving a Block to favorites

If you enjoy working with a block you can save it to favorites and even give it a new name. Saving a block saves the properties information as well so you can save your favorite commands for future reference.
Saving a block to favorites
You can delete saved blocks at any time.