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Exporting a script
Exporting a script
Exporting a script allows you to share you entire project. Using the export feature a zip file is created with the selected flowpro files and any additional files you would like to add to the package.
It is import to build your application with exporting in mine. Using ENV variables means that the user would not have access to these variables. Also using absolute file paths means this would not be available on the users machine.
When export avoid using ENV variables or let the user know what ENV variables are required to run the script correctly. Also avoid using absolute paths to point to other flowpro files or any file.

Steps to Export

In the File menu select Export as Package option. A few options would be available

Add Files to Package

You can add as many files as you want to your package. If you exported the package by using the file options menu the file you selected will already be here

Package To

This is the path the folder is to be saved.

Package Name

This is the name of folder or the package once completed
Once you fill out the relevant options you can click the export option.
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Steps to Export